Recycling Services

Recycling Services in the City of Wickliffe

Curbside Recycling Program
KIMBLE Services

Recyclables are to be placed in the 65-gallon bright green recycling cart supplied by KIMBLE. Recyclables are collected weekly on the same day as your scheduled trash collection. All recyclables may be commingled in the recycling cart without having to separate the paper & cardboard from the other plastic, glass or metal recyclables.

Recyclables include:
Plastics #1 - #7
Newspaper & Magazines
Telephone books
Mail/copier paper
Shredded paper (in bags)
Corrugated cardboard
Chipped board (cereal boxes)
Aluminum cans, foil, trays
Steel & bimetal cans
EMPTY aerosol cans
Clear, green or brown glass bottles

DO NOT RECYCLE: Styrofoam, paint cans, wax cartons, pizza boxes, batteries, light bulbs, wire hangers, plastic bags & shrink wrap, plastic utensils, plastic toys, motor oil & antifreeze containers, outdoor plastic furniture, window glass, drinking glasses, light bulbs.

For more information on KIMBLE Recycling Guidelines, click here.

Kimble containers are the property of Kimble services. Rsidents must subscribe to the cart or bag service provided by KIMBLE, which includes recycling and yard waste collection. Call KIMBLE at (800) 201-0005 with service questions. Residents must leave container if they move from their residence and should not give the trash container away.