Fire Department

gear      The Wickliffe Fire Department was established in 1921 for the community that had no organized fire protection. We are committed to serving the residents and guests of Wickliffe along with our surrounding communities with outstanding services. We do this with professionalism, respect, integrity, teamwork, and courage. Our Fire Department provides 24-hour fire and emergency services using a combination of both full-time and part-time personnel. Responding from one centrally located fire station, we utilize a modern fleet of emergency vehicles including 2 fire engines, 1 ladder truck, 3 ALS ambulances, 1 hazardous materials truck, and multiple staff-support vehicles.

     We offer not only fire suppression, but also advanced life support Emergency Medical Service, and participate in county specialty response teams such as Hazardous Materials and provider other vital community services.

     To better serve the community, our Fire Prevention Bureau also performs inspections, investigations, plan review and public education.

     Our goal is simple, to be ready and responsive to the needs of our community.

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The Wickliffe Fire Department is committed to providing exceptional fire suppression, medical services, and other emergency and non-emergency activities to the residents of our City. We will accomplish this mission through training, education, compassion, and dedication for the protection of our membership and the community.



We are here to protect and serve our community with the commitment to provide exceptional services.


Through our dedication, attitude and compassion, we are privileged to serve the City of Wickliffe at the highest level of excellence possible. A commitment to excellence, possessing a positive attitude, and having pride in our work while conforming to high moral and ethical standards of conduct will be represented in each facet of our job.


For each person as an individual, an attitude that recognizes the worth of others and exhibits compassion for those in need.


We have a strong commitment with each other and those we serve. We will make decisions based on moral and ethical standards regardless of personal belief.


We believe that the whole is greater than any one member. By availing ourselves to each person's talents and strengths, it enhances the services we deliver, and that cooperation improves relationships. We are a family that is committed and accountable to each other because our lives depend on it.


Courage is the value that gives us the moral and mental strength to do what is right, even in the face of personal or professional adversity.