Commercial Knox Box

     Knox BoxA Knox Box is a small, wall-mounted safe that holds building keys for the fire department. The term "Knox-Box" is a brand name for lock boxes that the Wickliffe Fire Department has required new businesses to install since 2006.  The Wickliffe Fire Department holds a master key to all Knox Boxes in our response area enabling us to quickly enter buildings without having to force entry.  This can save vital minutes in emergency situations.  A Knox Box cuts fire losses for building owners since firefighters can enter buildings without breaking doors or windows.  The Knox Box master keys are stored in key retention devices located in our vehicles that provide accountability upon access to the key.  The program will have a time stamped record every time the master key is accessed.   Knox Boxes are a vital tool that our fire department relies on and business owners can rest easy as the fire department are the only people that have access to the master keys.