Annual Reports

2022 Annual Report

The police department staffing remained steady in 2022 with only one retirement when Lieutenant Thompson retired in September. Sergeant Coolick was promoted to Lieutenant and Patrolman Kuhse was promoted to Sergeant. As a result of these promotions Lieutenant Coolick was assigned as the Detective Bureau Commander and Sergeant. Kuhse was assigned to lead a platoon. Patrolman Blair was hired in March and Patrolman Thompson was hired as a special patrolman who will be working with Patrolman Nosse to manage all city computer and technology needs. Patrolman Paull was assigned to the Western Lake County Emergency Response Team. Patrolman Smith was selected for the School Resource Officer for the public schools and began his new role the beginning of the 2022 school year.

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2021 Annual Report

Our biggest challenge again in 2021 was dealing with the Covid-19 virus and its new variants. When the virus subsided over the late spring and early summer, we were able to ease some of our restrictive protocols and resume normal operations. Personnel changes included the hiring of Patrolman Peacock, Thomas, and Bischof. Sergeant McCaffery was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to the Detective Bureau Commander position. Patrolman Peeples was promoted to Sergeant and Detective Cook was assigned to the Detective Bureau.

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2020 Annual Report

This report reflects an unusual year of policing during the Covid-19 pandemic and the civil unrest in our nation. Our department experienced several personnel changes including the retirements of Lieutenant Hengst, Patrolman Lako, Patrolman Veri, and Dispatcher Hirz and new hires Dispatcher Johnson and Custodian Tennyson.

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2019 Annual Report

This year we saw an 85% increase in gun seizures related to crime. Narcotics has increased dramatically during the past ten years, however, this year we saw our narcotics arrests remain virtually the same as in 2018. Narcotics activity has been by far the police department’s most troubling type of criminal activity over the past decade and we will continue to aggressively pursue and arrest drug dealers and users. Personnel changes included the hiring of Patrolman Paull and Special Patrolman Bender-Walker. The detective bureau saw the addition of Sergeant McCaffery bringing our bureau strength to four. Lieutenant Hengst retired from the commanders’ position of the Western Lake County Emergency Response Team (SWAT) and the responsibility of commander was turned over to Lieutenant Bush.

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