Security Camera Registration & Mapping (SCRAM)

The Wickliffe Police Department is partnering with the Lake County Security Camera Registration And Mapping (SCRAM) Program to assist in the investigation of crimes.

The Wickliffe Police Department is partnering with the Lake County SCRAM Program to assist in the investigation of crimes. The police department has had a list of business and residential surveillance systems for years and having access to those systems has helped solve many crimes. The county wide SCRAM program (Security Camera Registration And Mapping) makes accessing that list easier. Participants are entered into the system and plotted on a county map. Officers can then instantly see where cameras are located and who to contact to request access. Participation is voluntary, and participants may withdraw from the program anytime.

How It Works

The police department will not have access to the cameras. If a crime occurs and video evidence may be helpful, officers will check the SCRAM map. If cameras are in the area, officers will contact the registrants and ask if the registrants would check their systems or allow officers access to the recordings.


If you would like to register, please complete the registration form (view here) and return it to the police department in person, by mail, or email Police Records or fill out the SCRAM Registration Form.


  • Participation is voluntary.
  • Registration information will be used by the Wickliffe Police Department only for official purposes.
  • Any footage containing or related to criminal activity may be collected by the Wickliffe Police Department for use during criminal proceedings.
  • Under no circumstances should participants construe that they are acting as agents or employees of the City of Wickliffe or the Wickliffe Police Department.
  • Participants may withdraw at any time by contacting the police department.

SCRAM Registration Form

  1. Type of Structure
  2. Instructions

    Please answer the following questions if you can. The answers will make it easier for the officers to make sure the correct video players are available, and that we request the video in the correct time frame. Do not answer any question that you do not know the answer to or that you are uncomfortable with.

  3. Do your exterior cameras cover public areas (sidewalk, street, etc.)?
  4. Do your cameras record sound?
  5. Camera Views
  6. Type of Camera
  7. Storage Type
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