WICK-Cares Senior Check-Up

The City of Wickliffe is partnering with the State of Ohio’s Department of Aging to offer an enhanced Senior Check-up program. This program is for Wickliffe residents aged 60 and older, and uses the State’s “Staying Connected” phone check-up program. A City representative will sign Seniors up for the program, and Seniors will receive automated phone calls from the State every day. If the calls go unanswered, the Senior’s alternate will be contacted to check on them. If the alternate is unavailable, the police will be contacted to check on them. Locked boxes that hold a house key will be provided by the City so no-damage entry can be made to the residence if the situation requires. View more information regarding the Wick-Cares Senior Assistance Program (PDF) here, and download the Wick-Cares Registration Form (PDF)