Fire Inspections

     The Wickliffe Division of Fire Prevention adopted the Ohio Fire Code (OFC) in 2006.  All city businesses are required to abide by the OFC in order to ensure the safest atmosphere possible for their employees, customers and our residents.   The Fire Prevention Bureau attempts to inspect every business every year to confirm that all are remaining OFC compliant.  In 2023, our Fire Prevention Bureau began sending “Pre-Inspection” letters along with a checklist of common violations prior to arriving for an official inspection.   This gives the business owners notice of the impending inspection as well as guidance to help them pass the inspection violation free.  If violations are found during the inspections, time is given to the business owner or manager to correct the violations.  Depending on the extent of the violation, the inspector can give up to thirty days or in certain circumstances, require immediate addressment of the issue.

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