Summer Sprinkler Program changes to Winter Quarter Average Program

The Lake County Department of Utilities is preparing to upgrade their Utility Billing Software Program.  In anticipation of this, changes were necessary to the Summer Sprinkling Program offered to qualified residents of the City of Wickliffe.  Wickliffe City Council passed Ordinance Number 2023-64 amending the portion of Chapter 935 of the Codified Ordinances which dealt with the Summer Sprinkling Program.  

The program has been renamed the Winter Quarter Average Program.  The other significant changes to the program are the billing dates and terminology associated with these dates.  The reduction of sewer charges will be provided based on the sewer charges during the adjustment period (summer billings – between May 1 and October 31) on the smaller of either the actual water consumption or a calculated consumption based upon evaluation period (winter billings – between November 1 and April 30) usage.   Note that the dates listed above may vary based on the timing of the property owner’s billing period.  The requirement that the applicant must own and occupy the residence has not changed, however the owner/occupant must have resided in the home for at least one full year.

Residents who are currently enrolled in the Summer Sprinkler Program do not need to register for the Winter Quarter Average Program - your enrollment will be transferred to the new program.  New applicants should use the form included with this article (or attain one from the City website or Wickliffe City Hall).  Applications and the $20.00 one-time application fee are due by April 30th.