Curbside Leaf Pick-Up

Leaf pick up

City Curbside Leaf Pickup

The City of Wickliffe collects leaves during October and November (weather permitting). Dates will be published.  

Leaves only should be raked to the curb (do not rake leaves into the street). (See additional guidelines below.)

Use Kimble yard waste bins for small piles of leaves and debris as small piles will not be picked up.


  • Leaves only should be raked loose to the curb, but not into the roadway. The leaf pile should be free from landscaping debris (i.e., brush, stones, rocks, bushes, trash) to prevent damage to equipment and personnel.
  • Improperly placed leaves in the roadway over storm water drains or open ditches may cover inlets causing a potential blockage and restrict water flow.  Please be sure that leaves are not piled incorrectly.
  • The program will continue into November, weather permitting. This service is NOT intended for use by professional landscaping contractors or landscapers who perform leaf removal service for a homeowner.
  • Leaves may also be placed in 65-gallon dark green yard waste containers supplied by KIMBLE or bagged in 50-lb. biodegradable paper yard waste bags and disposed of with normal yard waste pickup. Black plastic bags or regular trash containers containing leaves or other yard waste will not be picked up. Yard waste collection runs from March 1 through December 15 on the same day as regular trash collection. There is no yard waste collection in the months of January and February