City Buildings

The Service Department is responsible for maintaining all city-owned buildings, 27 structures in all, which include:

City Hall  
 Ridge Road Service Garage
Fire Station   
Lakeland Service Garage
Police Gun Range 
 Traffic/Recreation Hall Building
Coulby Aquatic Center 
Green Ridge Golf Course Club House
Salt Storage Dome  
 WMFL Building 
Police Station and Jail
Orlando Spray Park Building
Senior/Community Center
 Jindra Pool Building
Coulby Park Gazebo
2 cottages (on City Hall Property)
All Park Pavilions
  All Park Restrooms 


Maintenance performed at these locations include, but are not limited to:

washing windows
electrical repairs  
lighting repairs and upgrades
stripping and waxing floors
carpet cleaning 
mopping and dusting
plumbing repairs
roofing repairs 
gutter cleaning
grass cutting 
parking lot repairs
sidewalk shoveling
parking lot plowing
general cleaning and trash removal
flower bed maintenance
wedding and rose garden care
AC, heating, and boiler repairs


The Wickliffe Service Department maintains all eight public parks for numerous recreational activities. Some of the maintenance duties for park/grounds areas include, but are not limited to: grass cutting, tree trimming and removal, weed eating and spraying for weeds, chain link fence maintenance, and daily trash removal. Other Park maintenance includes prepping and lining eleven (11) baseball fields, five (5) soccer fields, and two (2) football fields.  In 2022, the Service Department installed more than one hundred (100) yards of playground mulch in the swing set and creative play areas around the city; completed fall and spring leaf removal in all City parks and on all City grounds; winterized and de-winterized all park restrooms, pond fountains, park fountains, pool pumps, park buildings, and park irrigation systems.

Observe an issue?  Have a compliment or suggestion?  Please contact the Service Department at 440-943-7125.


Tree Planting & Replacement

The City annually plants trees throughout city parks and within the right of way (including tree lawns)). Due to concerns with sidewalk damage caused by roots, trees have not been replaced on sidewalks unless the resident requests a tree. Trees are planted typically in the early spring to give them the best chances of surviving.

Tree Pruning

Trees in the City tree lawn area are occasionally trimmed by city crews to provide clearances for sidewalks and major thoroughfares.

Individual property owners are responsible for trimming trees located on private property which hang over sidewalks or streets.

Tree Storm Damage

The city will remove any tree or limb located in the tree lawn or right-of-way area that has been knocked down during a storm.

For questions, more information, or to report tree storm damage, please contact the Service Department at 440-943-7125.

Traffic Light Repair

Traffic lights are maintained by our Service Department Traffic Technician. 

Lights, programming and wiring as well as safety vehicle traffic preemption devices are all parts of keeping traffic moving throughout the city. 

If you see a traffic light that needs repair, contact our Police Department at 440-943-1234.

Street Light Outages

If you notice a streetlight is not working, note the address and call the number on your First Energy bill 888-544-4877. 

You can also send information by email to Laura Veri or at 440-943-7125. (Leave message anytime, including weekends). Information will be forwarded to the Illuminating Company.

Please note: repairs may not be immediate.

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