Residential & Commercial Property Sale Info


There is not an "application".   

A $300.00 base fee is charged for a Sewer Dye Test. Property Seller is responsible for the payment of the Dye Test Fee.

If dye test exceeds a total of two (2) hours, a fee of $125.00 per additional hour will be charged thereafter. Check (made payable to the City of Wickliffe) can be mailed to Wickliffe City Hall or dropped off in the City Hall Foyer secure drop box during business hours.  To pay with a credit card, call 440-943-7115 between 8am and 11:30 AM.  Be sure to include address of the location of the property for sale and property owner (Seller) contact info (name, address [if different] and phone number).  

Any contractor licensed in Wickliffe to perform sewer work, or the property owner (Seller) shall first locate the storm and sanitary test tees. The tees shall terminate within (4) four inches of finished grade in a straight and vertical position so as to make the trap or tee assembly clearly visible. Test tees shall be located within three (3) feet of city right of way sidewalk. 

Additional Comments for Locating Test Tees

  • Test tees shall be exposed, with any necessary repairs of tees completed, within 10 working days upon receipt of $300.00 fee by City of Wickliffe. 
  • Storm sewer test tees require a 6 inch PVC pipe & trap per city specifications. 
  • All tees located in concrete or asphalt shall be surrounded by concrete and capped with 6” inch cast iron frame and cover flush with the surface.

No location of test tees required for Condominiums. 

Water must be turned on at property to perform the dye test.

During winter months, sidewalks/aprons must be uncovered of all snow/ice on the day of the dye test or test will not be performed. 

Once the fee is paid and sanitary & storm tees are located, Seller must contact the Wickliffe Service Dept. to schedule the test (440 943-7125) which is performed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Inspection of sidewalks and driveway apron (located in the street right-of-way following exposure) straightening and raising to within one foot of surface (if necessary) of test tees will also take place on that day and someone must be present at time of the test. 

Gutters/downspouts on house/buildings/dwellings must be connected to city storm sewer. Detached garage may splash to a working driveway drain if permitted. Driveway drain will be inspected for replacement or repair. 

Upon approval of dye test results, the test tees shall be covered. Backfill shall be sand or gravel to within 6 inches of finished grade and covered with topsoil and seed or sod. Excavation dirt shall be removed from property. Street sidewalks shall be marked with saw cut symbol that identifies location of the test tees + for storm and ▲ for sanitary.  Catch basin must be replaced or repaired if notified. 

Seller will not receive results of test; only Buyer can receive results of a passing test.  

If the dye test fails, the Seller shall be notified in writing of the repairs necessary. In the event the repair work required cannot be completed prior to transfer of title, the seller may obtain an estimate from a duly qualified contractor currently registered with the City and deposit funds in the amount of one and one half times the amount of the estimate, in escrow with the escrow agent. The escrow agent shall NOT release funds being held in escrow without written authorization from the Building Commissioner. If the seller fails to authorize and or complete repair work within sixty (60) days from the date of title of transfer, the City is authorized to direct the contractor to proceed with necessary repairs and shall so notify the escrow agent. 

Once Dye Test results are approved and the street sidewalk and driveway apron inspection have passed, the Buyer of the subject property may then make application for a necessary Certificate of Occupancy at the Building Department with a $60.00 fee. At this time only, title of subject property may lawfully be transferred into the buyer’s name and allow buyer occupancy of the home/building/dwelling. Seller may not obtain a copy until the Buyer has paid the Occupancy Fee.  

Kimble trash container must stay on property - please do not remove.