How do I get an impounded vehicle released?

If your vehicle was impounded by police (meaning it was towed by law and not by your request) you will need to obtain a “tow release” from the police department.

  1. The owner of the vehicle must pick up the tow release.
  2. Tow releases are obtained at the Wickliffe Police Department, 28730 Ridge Road, Wickliffe, OH 
  3. Bring with you: 
    1. Valid driver’s license
    2. Vehicle proof of ownership (vehicle title or memorandum title)
  4. After you receive the tow release, you may proceed to 3S Towing located at 29090 Anderson, Wickliffe; 440-347-9560. 
    1. Hours of operation: Monday through Friday 8 am to 6:30 pm, Saturday 8 am to 4:30 pm
    2. Cost of tow is $90 and $15 per day for storage
    3. Motorcycle tows $150; motorcycle indoor storage $25 per day
    4. All tows and storage fees must be paid in cash
  5. You will be required to pay the tow bill and any fees associated with the tow. All fees are set by 3S Towing.
  6. If your vehicle was towed for unpaid parking tickets, delinquent parking tickets must be paid in full before your vehicle will be released.

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1. How do I get an impounded vehicle released?
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