I found a lost dog. What should I do?

The Wickliffe Police Department makes every effort to reunite lost dogs with their owners. Dogs wearing a dog tag are most likely to be returned to their homes.

  1. All dogs over the age of 3 months must be registered and display a registration tag. By keeping up-to-date information on file with the Lake County Dog Warden’s Office, it allows us to contact you in the event your pet is found.
  2. During business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 to 4:30 pm and Saturday, 8 to noon) citizens should contact the Lake County Dog Warden’s Office directly at 440-350-2640 to report a found or stray dog. 
  3. After hours, you may contact the police department for additional assistance at 440-943-1234. For safety and health reasons, the officers cannot transport the animals.
  4. Officers will respond to aggressive or threatening dog complaints on an emergency basis. The police department does not have the resources to catch any animals. If a dog at large is vicious or has injured anyone, we will contact the Lake County Dog Warden. 

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